DK, Days Kugenuma, -Kugenuma Kaigan

Located in a very edge of Kugenuma Kaigan shopping street, DK offers surf video, not-so-loud music and good service from friendly owners. It creates a very comfortable time for enjoyable hours to come.

DK is one of few cafe restaurants in Kugenuma Kaigan that opens till late. Last order is 11pm on weekends and 10:30 on weekdays if I’m correct. It’s rather late in  the area.

Highly recommended is grilled Kajiki, swordfish, plate. The fulfilling dish has fresh vegetable salad with mayonnaised pasta salad, rice and Kajiki from Tsukiji fish market with Cajun spice. And it’s just a little bit more than 1,000 yen. They have more selections of plate menu, plus many other dish such as pasta, pizza, curry and so on. The price range is about 800 to 1,500 yen per dish. And of course they have wide variety of drinks from cocktails to herbal tea.

I’ve noticed that many English-speaking people come to this place. I believe this owe is one of very few places that they feel comfortable. Maybe because one of the owners can speak good English where she acquired in the West coast while surfing so I heard.

This place is highly recommended for the taste, price and its atmosphere. For instance, I go there almost every week 🙂

Here is the detail of DK

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