Kabutos Cafe – Kugenuma kaigan

The closest restaurant from Kugenuma kaigan station. It’s just 5 steps from the exit. Well, you actually have to climb stairs to the 2nd floor. So if you sit by the window you can see people coming out from the station.

Anyway, it’s so called cafe-restaurant, meaning that it offers cafe style food which you can see the selection from the link below. I’m extremely satisfied with the food I have ordered so far. I will recommend Kabutos dry curry (healthy rice topped with crispy onions), Kugenuma burger (avocados, maybe-wagyu beef, crispy lettuces and soft bun) and crumble cheese cake. It offers take-out as well as screening such as world cup matches through a projector on a big white wall. Staff are friendly, so I hope they don’t mind putting a link here 😉

Kabutos cafe

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