Diego by the river – Katase Enoshima

This restaurant has just opened in May (2010) and I believe this place is going to be fairly crowded very soon! Because it fills all the three criteria of a good restaurant. First, the staff there are very friendly. Second, cheap. And most importantly, tasty! Oh to add one more, the design concept of that is really cool. The balcony on the second floor looks nice (although I haven’t tried yet since it’s a little bit too hot out there now!).

It’s located along Sakai river and it’s just 5 min walk from both Katase Enoshima staion of Odakyu line and Enoshima station of Enoden line. It’s just along the river so you won’t miss it especially at night that the sign “Diego by the river” shinning yellow. I haven’t checked whether they have an English menu so I’ll check next time I go, but if you can read some Katakana, you can download the menu on PDF from their website here:

Diego By The River

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