Kugenuma kaigan

Kugenuma kaigan, means Kugenuma beach. It’s an area in Fujisawa city. The kaigan is facing the Pacific ocean and Hikichi river splits the beach. You are not allow to swim on the west side, however, somehow, only surfers are allow to surf. Contrarily, the east side of the beach is hugely populated by locals and, in summer, tourists. And lots of them. The beach is accessible by either car or train. From Kugenumakaigan station,Odakyu line, to the beach take you about 10 min walk maximum. The way to the beach may be a bit complicated to strangers but just keep going south, you will eventually find the beach (see the map below!).

There are many places to eat along the road 134 which goes along with the beach, and a few nice restaurants near the station which I’m hoping to introduce in this blog in the near future. The beach itself is over valued by media thus the water is not as clean as how people are excited coming here. So don’t expect too much! Another distinctive thing about this area is that there are a lot of so called “Love Hotels” along the 134. It’s not for tourists to stay, but for a couple to make some love. Of course you can stay there, although I’ve never tried, and possibly it can be cheap. As far as I know, you are charged by room, not per person as how hotels are here in Japan. So maybe you can calculate…

Anyway, the beach maybe crowded, noisy, unclean, but that’s only true in summer. Winter is cold, but, the beach is clean, quiet, and sky is clear thus beautiful sunset. You can see Mt. Fuji and sunset altogether as the image above. You will see many people taking photos of the sunset during winter.

In later posts, I will upload more of bits and pieces of the area and Fujisawa city, so any comments and questions are welcomed although I may not be able to answer, I’ll try!

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